SOAR's Commitments to Privacy

As a human resources consulting organization, SOAR Consulting & Training Inc. recognizes and respects the
confidentiality associated with every client engagement. To be able to perform its client work, SOAR Consulting and
Training Inc. may require access to:

information about client business plans, structure and operations;
information about human resources plans, issues and demographics;
information about the people who work in the client’s business, including individual employment records.

SOAR will only request and use the information necessary for the completion of agreed upon work. Any client
information which comes into SOAR’s possession, whether personal or business related, will be held in strict
confidence. SOAR’s promise is that it will meet both its legal obligations and its professional obligations
as described in the code of conduct for human resources professionals. Confidentiality
will be central to our client work.

If you have any questions about this policy or about information
collected and held during the course of a client engagement,
you may contact SOAR’s privacy officer by email at For a fuller description
of SOAR’s commitments to privacy protection and its
professional obligations, you may click on the
links provided below.